The Inquisitors are a recent invention of the Synod of the Saints. Holy arbiters of the Church’s law. They act as the judge, jury, and executioner weeding out witchcraft, sorcery, and heresy among the faithful. The church has an uncomfortable relationship with its Inqusitors, since they tend to be called to service by the Saints themselves instead of being ordained into the priesthood. And while most Inquisitors are good and decent people, there are more stories than can be counted about the Inquisitor who visited the next town over to carry out a campaign of terror in an effort to root out one harmless hedge witch.

The Inqusitor Class can be found at the Pathfinder SRD.

A revised list of available spells can be found here.

Inquisitor Archetypes.

Exorcist: Some inquisitors, as they learn more about the threat of possession and the machinations of devils, task themselves to expel possessing spirits and infernal tempters from the world whenever possible. Eventually they learn the secret of the verdicts of exorcism, exile, and anathema.
Preacher: Some inquisitors wander the land to spread the true word of their faith. Often they come into conf lict with those hostile to their teachings or to the preacher’s need to help those who cannot help themselves. The leaders of the church will some times send these preachers into new territories to win converts and hopefully allies. Often, they start uprisings against powers hostile to their religion, or defend a group of honest believers from the depredations of the unfaithful.
Sin Eater: There is a sect of inquisitors among the faith that believes it is not enough to hunt the enemies of the Saints—one must also devour those enemies’ sins. More benign versions of the practice believe that sin, or evil, is taken out of the world when a sin is devoured, denying the enemy’s soul to the enemy’s god and purifying the world of its taint. Consuming sins empowers the sin eater, at least for a time.
Witch Hunter: When pursuing justice for their faith, inquisitors sometimes hunt sorcerers, witches, wizards, and other practitioners of arcane magic—but especially witches, since their devotion to a patron is often seen as suspect by many religions.


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