Centuries ago the Imperial armies swept through the world and either slaughtered or drove off everything that wasn’t human. As such most people have never seen a real elf or dwarf, though there are some who still carry the blood of the “lost” races. These unfortunate souls though tend to be persecuted by the simple towns folk for looking different, or having mysterious origins.

Behind the links below you will find descriptions of each of the races, racial traits, and alternative racial traits that are allowed for each race.


The most numerous of all of the races in the world, since the Imperial Armies drove off all of the other races.


These people can trace their heritage back to a parent who was an Elf. Their elven heritage causes them to be thought of as magical and suspicious by most humans.


These unfortunates have orcish blood which causes them to be ferocious and intimidating.


These individuals can trace their heritage back to a dwarven ancestor, most humans see Mules as good for nothing but manual labor and make great sport out of abusing them.


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