The days of the Druids are long over, their power has waned and the last of their line were executed as collateral damage in the Imperial Pogrom. Their tradition of observing, emulating, and living with nature are still observed by some who are known as Rangers. Their spell casting ability is seen as acceptable to the people of the rural country side, but they are often met with suspicion and hostility by “civilized” peoples and the followers of the Saints.

The Ranger Class can be found at the Pathfinder SRD.

A revised list of available spells can be found here.

Ranger Archetypes.

Battle Scout: Armies need clean water, safe routes, and intelligence about their enemies. Battle Scouts are more than basic wilderness guides, they are specialized soldiers who keep their unit safe and make the surroundings an ally instead of an obstacle.
Falconer: Rangers have always enjoyed a special bond with a specific animal, but the falconer takes this bond to a deeper level. Falconers begin with their companion earlier than other rangers, and have the ability to teach their companions special tricks.
Guide: Many rangers are loners, but some choose to use their familiarity with the land to guide others safely through the wilderness.
Skirmisher: Many rangers rely on spells, but there are some who eschew aid from divine powers for their own reasons. Skirmishers rely on their wits, their wisdom, and sometimes even instinct to aid in their quests.


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