Rogues are a catchall class that describes people who rely on a broad range of skills to survive in the day to day world. Counter to the name though, not all rogues are thieves, but the class does tend to lend itself to the thieving lifestyle.

The Rogue Class can be found at the Pathfinder SRD.

Rogue Archetypes.

Acrobat: Agility and daring are both excellent rogue traits, and their confluence can create spectacular feats of acrobatics. Whether they are daring thieves, infiltrating assassins, or intrepid spies, proper training in acrobatics is a valuable boon for rogues.
Burglar: Adept at infiltration, trap removal, and lock picking, burglars prey on the homes of the wealthy and forgotten tombs alike. Such riches are guarded with vicious traps and hazards, but the devious mind of the burglar allows her to find such dangers and avoid them.
Cutpurse: Everyone who lives in the city understands that a wealthy man stays wealthy by guarding his purse while wandering the streets and markets, because the deft Cutpurse is always watching for the unwatched coin pouch. Specializing in misdirection and quick hand movements the Cutpurse is often a useful member of an adventure company… though also first to be suspected when an item turns up missing.
Herald: Heralds serve at the behest of important people; transporting message, advising their benefactors, and making the people they work for look more capable than they are. But heralds are also the the ones who take care of the seedier side of their patron’s domain, making sure that the honorable and noble men that they serve remain that way.
Minstrel: Travelling from hamlet to hamlet, spreading the news of the lands and singing songs of the honorable and ignoble alike. The minstrel is a information life blood of the world, as well as an inspirational companion that can keep his fellow’s spirits up or disheartening and distracting his enemies through the power of the music that they make.
Rake: The rake is a rogue who is open about her skills and talents, often to the point of being boastful. The Rake uses their boasts as a shield to prevent a potential opponent from trying to challenge them, demoralizing an enemy even before swords are drawn.
Thug: Some criminals steal with finesse, their victims only discovering the crime when the rogue is long gone and the coin already spent. A thug, on the other hand, cares nothing for finesse. Through both threat and violence, the thug gets what she wants by the promise of force, and has no problem making good on that promise as needed.


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