There are few things more feared than the sorcerers. Many are the stories of the ancient sorcerers of the Mynecian City States and the ways in which they enslaved their people with the threat of curses and polymorphs. Most feared is the mysterious source of the power that the sorcerers wield.

The Sorcerer Class can be found at the Pathfinder SRD.

A revised list of available spells can be found here.

Sorcerer Bloodlines.

Accursed: Misfortune, pestilence, and nightmares follow your family like vermin drawn to carrion. Somewhere in your family history, a hag’s foul influence entered your bloodline. You may actually be related to the hag, or you may still be suffering the effects of a curse that a hag laid upon your kin in generations past. Now the hag’s powers are part of your heritage.
Infernal: Somewhere in your family’s history, a relative made a deal with a devil, and that pact has influenced your family line ever since. In you, it manifests in direct and obvious ways, granting you powers and abilities. While your fate is still your own, you can’t help but wonder if your ultimate reward is bound to the Pit.
Fata: The capricious nature of the Fata Concillium runs in your family due to some intermingling of blood or magic. You are more emotional than most, prone to bouts of joy and rage.
Undead: The taint of the grave runs through your family. Perhaps one of your ancestors became a powerful lich or vampire, or maybe you were born dead before suddenly returning to life. Either way, the forces of death move through you and touch your every action.


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