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A similar world, from an another time. There are things that look and feel similar… but there are subtle differences, differences that are hard to describe. The best way to understand the World of Flesh and Steel is through the words of its people.

This is an Age of Darkness

The Empire gave us our roads, buildings, language, religion… it gave it all to us on an ocean of blood and violence while binding us in shackles, both those cast in iron and conjured in word of honor. But that empire… the mother of our civilization, the father of our faith, the holder of our chains, and the light of our everything is gone. And we are left in darkness.


A Correspondence Regarding Heresy and Witchcraft.

I must implore Your Grace to let me take immediate action against the creeping heresy that pollutes the faithful here. There are still multiple practices that pay homage to the unclean Old Gods and Fata Concillium. The people here still place two nummi on the eyes of their dead, “a tithing to Slu” they say. A TITHING! So that this demon won’t bring their dead from the grave. Yet they cannot scratch together a single bronze for my sermons, my prayers, or to absolve their sins. I would put the entire town of heretics to the torch if you would but give me leave to do so your Grace.
Yours in Faith,
Preceptor Jebediah of Stol
My dear Preceptor, I would instruct you to re-read the teachings of his most Holy Saint Euthymius, “sweet words and songs shall bring the flock as fast as screams and cries shall scatter them.” These small allowances are acceptable because they bring the peasants to Church… it does not matter if they still hold some old beliefs, because in the end it is us that they will turn to in times of tribulation when they are failed by the lost Gods.
In the name of the Saints,
Prelate Innocent of Cipia
I know and understand all the teachings of the Saints, most notably those of Saint Palladius who warned us, “As the path of righteousness is the rough and difficult road, know too that the path of perdition is all the more inviting and easy to traverse to damnation.” He spoke of witches. I have found signs that there are witches about these people, tempting them with cloying treats of eased suffering and delight. This is why the villagers give only the barest of faith to their Church.
Yours in Faith
Preceptor Jebediah of Stol
That is a different matter my dear Preceptor. I shall dispatch investigators right away to help you root out the truth and punish the wicked.
In the name of the Saints
Prelate Innocent of Cipia
Your Grace, I fear we were too late to aid our brother Jedediah, but the village has been cleansed. The villagers claimed that the Preceptor had been taken by griffins when he rode his donkey too high into the hills. We could find no evidence of the beasts, so after impelling a confession from the Village’s elder we found the coven of witches and burned them in the town square. We shall remain here to guard the souls of these people until a new Vicar can arrive.
Sir Iagrest of Buda

An Untitled Children’s Rhyme

Dear Astrid,became a hag’s snack
Should have had iron links around her neck
Boris, taken by fairies much too soon
Was wandering the woods on a full moon
Christopher, a wolf became he
Had no bane to set him free
Poor Daniella, by bats consumed
Garlic would have prevented her doom
Edgar, a witch boiled him into a broth
Shouldn’t have attracted an old crone’s wrath
Falcrest bashed by a Horned Beast
Wandered into a smelly cave too deep
Guinevere lost forever in the mist
Walked into the fog following a wisp

Testament of Refugees

One fortnight ago the morning gate guards were met by a great throng of people transporting all of their worldly possessions across the steppe. Some wished to enter our walls to trade for food and get water… but then move on. Their dialect was typical of the far steppes, and difficult to understand, but what we were able to gather that these people were fleeing “The Horde”, the horde were demon born creatures who rode astride horses with giant teeth. My lieutenant says that he thinks that they were saying large wolves instead of great toothed horses… it was honestly difficult to tell. There were also a number of dire warnings that only death awaits those who stand before them, and that blood flows freely in their wake.

I have sent scouts East to verify their accounts, but they have yet to return. to make matters worse the men have been shaken by these stories of demon men astride slathering monsters, firing storms of arrows and shattering walls with the blasts of their horns. As unlikely as the stories are, I would appreciate an extra cohort to help me keep the men in line.

Legate Trimus, Commander of Fortress Sevastorian

In the Name of the Saints

In the name of the saints we cleanse the lands.
Marching from town to town, house to house.
Driving the unclean out

First Verse:
The elves and their sorcererous ways.
They burned the cities of man
Enslaved their children
Desecrated their land.

Their spawn still live among us
enchanting in their pleasant mein
They are heralds most disastrous


Second Verse:
The dwarves and their greed filled hearts
They stole the riches of our fathers
Shackled them in debt
Despoiled our mothers

Their get still scurry among us
Plying us with play of honest toil
Yet just bide time to take from us


Third Verse:
The orcs and their savage minds
They marauded from the desert land
Raping and pillaging
We suffered at their hand

Their leavings still rampage along us
more animals then people
let them not under your roof.

-A Hymn commonly sung at the Temples of the Saints

Flesh and Steel